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Highly Flexible And Fair Workforce

We Provide Highly Flexible And Fair Temporary Healthcare Workforce


About Us

Western Care Limited is a Health Care Service Agency based in Yeovil. We were established in 2014 to provide highly skilled Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants for Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Residential Homes and Hospitals in Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, Taunton and Devon including Glastonbury, Wells, Weymouth, Dorchester, Shepton Mallet, Martock, Sherborne, Blandford, Newton, Bath and other surrounding areas in the South West of England.

Western Care Agency has employed plenty of skilled staff sourced locally and trained to meet outstanding care standards for a modern environment. We work to ensure the highest level of care for our clients and will ensure the personal development of every member of staff.

All our staff are kind, caring, creative, responsible, committed to providing person-centred care, understanding and compassionate. Supporting residents with all aspects of their care is the prime aim of our staff.

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Professional and Person-Centered Care Service

Healthcare services should not only be about acting in a mechanical manner where a patient is nothing more than a number on a page. It is about building a relationship and getting to know the person at a deeper level along with their particular case. It is these details that matter the most in the long run as time goes by. This is where going with a professional and courteous healthcare service is key and that is what is on offer with this team of experts.

You need a team who are going to work hard to maintain a quality relationship with the patient that is focused around their needs and wants at all times. There is nothing worse than having staff that are not up to framing with the case and do not care enough to do their due diligence. This is a professional set up that is committed to working hard to get the desired results and making sure they come in rapidly. With experienced nurses who are ready to go, this is the only route to consider for those who want the best and nothing less.

Highly Flexible And Temporary Healthcare Workforce

Need a professional nurse that is ready to go within a moment's notice and does not require a lot of training to get the results that are wanted? The only option to consider in this case is an agency that strives to have the world's best nurses on hand that are trained to provide high quality care while remaining flexible and attentive. This is a comprehensive package that is on offer for those who want the best. A workforce that is going to work hard and do their level best at all times is the only workforce that you should be looking for.

In today’s generation, most businesses sound like they are offering the exact same services, finding one that we truly need has been made more difficult. A simple Google search no longer provides what we have been looking for, and sometimes, asking referrals from family and friends may no longer work as well. This is why it is now recommended to consider finding and contacting an agency when in need of nurse and health care assistants. Regardless if you are a business owner or home manager needing lots of healthcare providers, finding an agency for these types of services is the most suitable option for you.

Why choose an agency instead? These agencies make sure that they only hire the best staff in the area. You don’t have to worry about the screening process as the agency will do this on your behalf. Basically, all the tedious work of screening and hiring health care staff and providers will be done by the agency, which frees your time and makes your work easier. Finding an Agency of Nurses & Health Care Assistants is the best way to obtaining the best service. It may be difficult and slow to hire one or more healthcare staff, but if you seek the help of an Agency, you can get rid of these worries and be given the assurance that you will only hire the best of the best.

This is not only a flexible workforce, but a determined one that will ensure the period where they are required is fulfilled in a professional manner. There is no cutting corners with the nurses that are being staffed as all of them go through rigorous training and certification processes before being put forward. A temporary healthcare workforce should be able to ensure they are as good as a permanent option, if not better and that is what you will be getting with the nurses being provided. The days of struggling to find suitable replacements are well in the past.

Continuous Quality Care

We offer skilled and qualified Registered Nurses and Care Assistants with Continuous Quality Care to Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Residential Homes.

Are you a Registered Nurse or Care Assistant, Looking for a Job?

Western Care Limited is a Staffing Agency providing Caregivers for Nursing and Residential Homes. We are looking to place Qualified Nurses and Care Assistants to work for our clients (Nursing Homes and Residential Homes). Working at a nursing home or other elder care facility can be a very demanding job. It requires patience and a caring personality. If you are looking for a full time / part time job as a Registered Nurse or Care Assistant please contact us or download the application from the 'Download Section'.

Apply Online Currently our Pay rates are:
Registered Nurse (RGN): £20 - £46 / hour || Care Assistant : £9 - £22 / hour
Transport allowance is available.

Applicants for these roles will need to be experienced and devoted professionals with good communication and team working skills.



Our recruitment process is following professional guidelines.

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